Study Counselling

Study guidance available for students at programme, Faculty and University level.

Programme Specific Study Guidance

Information Systems & 
Service Innovation and Management

  • Programme Leader, Prof Tuure Tuunanen
    - Overall responsibility for the programme and courses
    - E-mail: tuure.t.tuunanen@jyu.fi
  • Study Advisor, Dr Mikko Kovalainen
    - Individual Study Plans, student guidance
    E-mail: mikko.p.kovalainen@jyu.fi,
      tel. +358 406628313
  • Educational Planner, (Mr) Tapio Tammi 
    - Advice on e.g. graduation process
    - E-mail: tapio.tammi@jyu.fi, tel: +358 503761204,
      Ag D526.1

Cognitive Computing and Collective Intelligence &
Web Intelligence and Service Engineering

  • Programme Leader, Prof Vagan Terziyan
    - Overall responsibility for the programme and courses
    - E-mail: vagan.terziyan@jyu.fi, tel: +358 50 3732127, Ag C521.4
  • Study Advisor, Dr Oleksiy Khriyenko
    - Individual Study Plans, student guidance
    - E-mail: oleksiy.o.khriyenko@jyu.fi ,
      tel: +358 408053270, Ag C522.2
  • Study Secretary, (Ms) Elisa Rahikainen
    - Advice on study matters and graduation
    E-mail: tie-opintoasiat@jyu.fi, tel: +358 408053653, Ag C416.2

Faculty of Information Technology

  • International Coordinator, (Ms) Niina Ormshaw
    - Advice on general study related matters concerning international degree and exchange students
    E-mail: international-info-it@jyu.fi,
      tel: +358 504432360, Ag C434.1
  • Faculty Office, Study Affairs, (Ms) Hanna Kuusinen & (Ms) Katja Kuitunen
    - General matters, such as registration certificates and
      degree certificates

    - Exam arrangements 
    E-mail: it-studyaffairs@jyu.fi, Ag C431.5
  • Head of Student and Academic Affairs, (Ms) Eija Hatanpää

    - Responsible for general study affairs, such as matters
      concerning study rights, degrees and legal protection
    - E-mail: opintoasiat@it.jyu.fi, Tel: +358 503610988,
      Ag C432.3

Student and Academic Services at the University

Student Services

- General student administration, e.g. personal details,
  annual registration matters and certificates and student
E-mail: opiskelijapalvelut@jyu.fi,
  tel: +358 40 805 4339/ 40 805 4340,
  T-building on the main Seminaarinmäki Campus

Admission Services 

- General guidance for international degree students, e.g. residence permit and insurance matters and University level coordination of international degree student admissions matters
- E-mail: admissions@jyu.fi, T-building,
  Seminaarinmäki Campus

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are current international degree students of University of Jyväskylä and they come from all around the world. They are a useful contact point to answer any type of questions international degree students may have about the University or Jyväskylä or Finland. The Student Ambassadors can be contacted on Facebook (The Student Ambassadors at University of Jyväskylä) where they answer questions and post information about student life in Jyväskylä.


Tutors are more senior students who help the new students in all practical matters related to studying and settling in to Jyväskylä. A personal tutor is nominated for each foreign student, and this tutor will help with all general, practical matters, such as opening a bank account at the beginning of the studies. Finnish students who have not previously studied at the University will be appointed a Finnish tutor or a staff member, who will help the students with practicalities such as using the Korppi system.


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