Annual Registration

Annual Registration for Continuing Students

All degree students must register as attending or non-attending for each academic year. The instructions, required information and bank details for registration is also sent via e-mail to all students.

Registration for Non-Attendance

Students are required to register each year either as 'attending’ or ‘absent’. A student can register as absent for two semesters without those absent semesters being deducted from the overall study time; thus, students are advised to register each year either as ‘absent’ or ‘in attendance’. The absence is also not deducted from the maximum completion time when the absence is due to national service, maternity or paternity leave or serious illness.

  • Registration for non-attendance: by e-mailing the Student Affairs and Services Office (opiskelijapalvelut@jyu.fi) copying in the Faculty's International Coordinator by e-mail by 31 July.