Study Rights

Degree Students

When selecting new students for studies leading to a degree, i.e. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, the right to study is granted for both lower and higher university degrees, or, in the case of Master’s degree programmes, only for higher university degree. 

Changing the Major Subject

It is possible to change the major subject only at Bachelor's level as a transfer student. Student who wishes to transfer to another programme at Master's level, must apply through the normal application route on Studyinfo.fi during the application period.

Separate Study Right

People who are not students of the University of Jyväskylä, i.e. do not have a study right, are allowed to take individual courses as “extra students” for a nominal fee of 15 euros per credit (2017). Application for study right as an extra student can be submitted to the Faculty, and it can be approved if the studies in question are connected to the applicant’s current work, earlier studies or studies s/he is taking at another university. There is no deadline for the application at the IT Faculty.

Further information: Annemari Auvinen,  erilliset-it@jyu.fi, 0400 248 115