Courses are graded on a scale from 1 to 5. This corresponds to a verbal evaluation: pass–satisfactory–good–very good–excellent. Alternatively the courses can be graded as pass–fail.

Grading of courses

Please, remember to check if your home university requires you to have numeric grades for all of your courses completed at JyU. Some teachers prefer to give only the Pass-Fail grades for their courses, so remember to tell the teacher in the beginning of the course if you need to receive a numeric grade.

Table of the grading scales used at the University of Jyväskylä:

Numeric scale
ECTS equivalence ECTS verbal scale
5 A Excellent
4 B Very good
3 C Good
2 D Satisfactory
1 E Sufficient
0 FX,F Fail

Study Modules

Study modules (for example basic studies worth 25 ECTS credits or basic and subject studies worth 60 ECTS credits) are graded with the grading scale pass – satisfactory – good – very good – excellent. When grading study modules, normal rounding off rules are used in the calculations.

When a student have finished all courses needed for a study module, the student should ask further information about grading of the module. This can be ask from study secretary or amanuensis of the department who is responsible for the studies.

Bachelor’s Theses

The Bachelor’s Theses in mathematical information technology and computer science are graded as pass – fail and in information systems science with the scale 1-5.

Master’s Theses

The following scale is used in the grading of Master’s Theses (from lowest to highest): fail - sufficient - satisfactory - good - very good - excellent.