Maturity Exam

After the Thesis is completed, and before a student can graduate, s/he must take a mandatory Maturity Exam (0 ECTS) in order to demonstrate intimate knowledge with the subject of their Master’s Thesis in addition to good language skills. If the student has completed his/her compulsory education in Finnish or Swedish, the Maturity Exam will also be taken in this language (despite the thesis being written in English). Otherwise the language of the exam is English.

The Maturity Exams are arranged departmentally and the allowed time for the exam is four hours. Students are presented with a topic that deals with the Thesis, and they have to write an essay about it. The expected length is about one sheet of A4, written on each line. The text should be written in a way that the subject could be understood by a person who has the basic knowledge of the discipline area in question but has not read the Thesis. It must be based on the text, not on e.g. tables that are difficult to verify in the exam. The essay must have a title and a clear introduction and conclusions. Handwriting must be clear and the words and capital and small letters have to be easily distinguished.

The exam is first evaluated for the scientific content and then forwarded to the Language Centre for language checking. The student will be given pass-fail grade for the maturity exam. If the exam is not passed, the student will be provided with feedback prior to registering for the re-sit. Professors and Thesis Supervisors are able to offer more information about the Maturity Exam.