Practical Training / Internships

Internship may be your way to valuable (international) work experience. The international degree students are not encouraged to do an internship abroad but should a student plan it for the summer time, this should not delay the studies, and the internship can be included in the optional studies of the degree.

Getting an Internship

The best way of getting an internship is directly to  contact possible internship providers, i.e. businesses. Most big businesses have open recruitment forms for prospective employees or trainees.

When a student has initially negotiated the internship with the employer, a confirmation is required for the content of the internship and the number of credits to be accrued. After this, a student can sign an internship agreement an apply for the University’s internship grant for internships outside Europe or  Erasmus+ funding for internships in Europe.

  • Inform the International Coordinator of any international internship/ study abroad included in the degree
  • Information Systems Science students: contact Ville Seppänen (TJTS594)
  • Mathematical Information Technology students: contact Tapani Ristaniemi or Timo Hämäläinen (TIES599)
  • Further information about international internships and grants

Travel Grant for Internship/ Study Period Abroad

Students of the Faculty of Information Technology may apply for small travel grants for internships or study related periods abroad: 200 Euros for  in European countries, 400 Euros for an internship outside Europe. The main criteria for the grant is that the study period enhances/ furthers the student's studies at JYU. The grant cannot be given to students who take part in student exchange programmes which already offer a scholarship.

The application letter must include the following:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your department and major subject
  • Placement/ study abroad information: country, company/organization, tasks, duration (dates)
  • How the training/ studies will be included in your degree and who at your Department has approved it
  • Statement of other funding/ any other grants
  • Enclosure 1: A copy of the training/ employment contract or e.g. acceptance letter 
  • Enclosure 2: Payment of Grant form (pdf)

The application is to be addressed to the Faculty of Information Technology. Further information: International Coordinator Niina Ormshaw, international-info@it.jyu.fi