Summertime Teaching

Teaching in the summer time (June-August) is limited but some options are certainly available.

Summertime Study Options

Students are encouraged to complete studies during the summertime as well. A limited number of courses in English are run in the summer time; however, in addition those, students can complete exams on the General Examination Days and take part in the University of Jyväskylä Summer Schools where all teaching is in English.


Summer Schools at the University of Jyväskylä

Please note that Summer School courses at JYU are available only by advance application in the spring time; they are not automatically open to all JYU students. Please see further information on the websites.

Summer Schools Elsewhere

Many of our partner universities also offer Summer (and Winter) Schools. They are normally either free or carry a nominal fee; however, many universities give discount to partner university students. Summer Schools are eligible for the Faculty's Travel Grant.  Our partner universities can be found on Mobility On-line.

Examples of Summer Schools: