The Goodies, or wellbeing advisers, are there for you when you need someone to talk to.

Goodies are members of staff who have been selected and trained to support the well-being of students. They are not therapists or psychologists but they are there to listen and to guide students to the right place for help.

You can come with any issue or problem and discussions are always kept confidential. If you are stuck with your studies, feeling homesick or anything else, don’t worry alone – come and talk to your Goodie! We can try and find solutions to your situation together. The Goodie may not have readily available answers but there is a wide network of help to look into.

Goodie at the Faculty of Information Technology

The Goodie, Niina Ormshaw, can be best contacted by e-mail at goodie-it@jyu.fi. Skype talk is also possible. You may wish to briefly explain your situation in your e-mail in order to allow the Goodie to be better prepared for you or you can simply suggest an appointment.

It is preferable to contact the Goodie in your own Faculty but if you would feel more comfortable with, for example, a Goodie of your own gender, you are free to contact a Goodie in another Faculty.