Information Channels

Keeping Posted- E-mail Circulation Lists

The best way to get all the latest information on what is going on at the University study wise, as well as regarding leisure time activities, is joining e-mail lists. Please note that you are expected to use your University e-mail address to ensure that all correspondence is delivered safely. If you forward your e-mails to another mailbox, you are still advised to check your University e-mail regularly, in case any mails have failed to be forwarded to your preferred e-mail provider. The most useful ones for international Master’s degree students are:

Faculty of Information Technology

  • International Master's degree programme circulation lists: all degree students are automatically added onto these mailing lists and they are managed through Korppi. This is the main information channel on programme specific matters.
  • Mailing list for all students of the Faculty of Information Technology (it-graduates@korppi.jyu.fi). All messages are not routinely translated into English but where the content is relevant to international students, it will also be in English or, alternatively, the message will be circulated through the programme mailing list. 

Subject Associations

Subject Associations Dumppi and Linkki and IDESCO have their circulations lists and you can join the lists at http://lists.jyu.fi/mailman/listinfo/. The e-mail addresses of all international students are forwarded to Dumppi and Linkki at the beginning of each academic year.

International Students at JYU

  • fs-news@lists.jyu.fi: General mailing list for all international students and those interested in international matters. Content mainly in English. Join through http://lists.jyu.fi/mailman/listinfo/fs-news.
  • ids@lists.jyu.fi: Mailing list for all international Master’s degree students at the University. Content mainly in English. Join through http://lists.jyu.fi/mailman/listinfo/ids.


International students of the Faculty have their own closed Facebook group International Master's Students of the Faculty of IT, JYU. If you have been accepted as a student in the Faculty, please request admission to the group.