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What is EHTNET?

last modified Nov 28, 2011 04:29 PM

The European Human Technology Network (EHTNET) is an international and multidisciplinary research network which is aimed at:

1. developing research in the area of human technology and

2. improving pan-European communication and design practices in the area of human technology.

The EHTNET project was initiated in 2006. At the moment, the network has fifteen participants, but we welcome new partners who complement our existing strengths. Primary funding for the network has been sought through the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme and secondarily through the Academy of Finland. Suitable future funding opportunities are being explored continuously.

The purpose of EHTNET is to provide answers to the changing demands of working life and industries in the field of human technology. EHTNET activities are intended to become a permanent part of operations of the participating institutions.

The target group of the network are post-graduate students. EHTNET produces studies for the students of the network and offers versatile international resources for their use. It also provides funding for students, enabling their full-time study and research.

The network holds a yearly international conference and workshop, which the participants organize in turns.