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The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems offers majoring in three subjects: information systems science, computer science and cognitive science. Teaching and research strives to combine the economic and scientific perspectives with various technologies and focuses on connections to human sciences and human technology.

The focus areas of teaching and research are related to central fields of IT, such as digital media, electronic commerce, human-computer interaction and usability, information systems in organisational work, information management, software production and business as well as the development and management of organisations’ information management and system achitectures.

The degree combining major subject studies in information science and minor subject studies in economics offered by the department is unique in Finland in this extent. These studies aim at the degree of Master of Science (Econ.). Students majoring in computer science and minoring in a mathematical-scientific subject graduate with the degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.). Also major studies in cognitive science combining studies from several faculties give the degree of Master of Science.

Study counseling

If you are in need of study counseling, please contact the amanuensis:

Tapio Tammi
AgD 515.1
Tel. 260 3024

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Courses delivered in English at the Department of CS&IS