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Teacher Education in Computer Science (OPE)

last modified Apr 22, 2008 11:40 AM
Professor in charge: Tommi Kärkkäinen The objective of teacher education in computer science is to give the students the formal qualifications to act as a subject teacher in computer science in basic education, general upper secondary schools and vocational upper secondary schools (the so-called OPE1 alternative). The formal qualifications of a teacher (Teaching Qualifications Act 986/1998) are affected by the major subject as well as the minor subjects (see About minor subject studies ). The studies also give, besides qualifications as a teacher, a good background for training and consulting tasks in companies and in adult education (the so-called OPE2 alternative). The line of study deals with using virtual learning environments and web-based learning in teaching. To become subject teachers, students will take pedagogical studies and minor subject studies in addition to their major subject studies in computer science so that their Master's degree consists of at least 300 credits (or 180 old credits, ov). The degree contains also language and communication studies. What Will I Do When I Grow Up? Students who choose the line of study of teacher education in computer science can become for example subject teachers in basic education or adult education, consultants, or teachers for Internet courses. Contacts The recent degree reforms raise several problems and questions related to studying – Please, feel free to contact the study counsellors of the OPE line of study or write to: ope-linja(at)mit.jyu.fi Material related to the field: Virtual Library
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