Informaatioteknologian tiedekunta

Rousi Rebekah, Tutkijatohtori / Postdoctoral Researcher

Viimeisin muutos torstai 16. helmikuuta 2017, 11.09
Kognitiotiede / Cognitive Science
+358 40 805 3100
AgD 525.3


Principal Investigator of: The Rich Multisensory User Experience project (R[M]UE)

The multisensory user experience research in which my research engages is dually important for both industry and science. From the industrial point-of-view, the research concentrates on understanding what multisensory information (design choices such as material, logic and presentation) impacts the experience of a system or product, and in which way. Then, from the scientific perspective, the research is valuable in terms of understanding cognitive-emotional processing and functions, as well as dynamic interactions between layers of experience which include socio-cultural, psychological, physiological and environmental to name some. For this reason, I combine my previous work in art and cultural studies, specifically from the theoretical fields of semiotics, visual culture and critical theory, to understanding human-technology interaction on a deeper level.

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