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Application for Administrative Rights

Application form for applying administrative rights for a workstation.

Instructions to users

Before applying for administrative rights please consult your local computer support. If computer support is not able to provide a working solution that does not require administrative rights, fill out the form below. Need to install one piece of software is usually not adequate grounds for granting administrative rights.

Information Management Centre decides whether user is granted administrative rights. Notification about the decision is also sent to your department's manager whose email address you provided. Decisions are based on principles given by executive board of Information Management (in Finnish).

On urgent cases local computer support can grant temporary administrative rights until the application handled. Also in this case user must fill out the form below.

User must accept the Administrative Rights Usage Agreement.

Type your name (First name Last name)
Type your university's user name
Type your email address
DNS name of the computer for which you apply administrative rights (e.g.
Operating System

Address or room where the computer is located (e.g. Agora, AgB336.3).
Email address of department's manager is needed for notifications about application's processing status changes.
Type of the Applied Rights
Use the text box below to provide additional information.

Type in the box below grounds for your need of administrative rights
Select your local computer support