IT Services

Why doesn't service X work within or outside of the University network?

Why doesn't the FTP/WWW/etc. service that I installed in my machine within the university network work in the outside world? Or: why doesn't the service from the outside world work within the university network?

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The following protocols are blocked from/to outside world:

  • www (world wide web, port 80)
  • lpd (line printer daemon, port 515)
  • domain (name domain server, port 53)
  • tftp (trivial file transfer protocol, port 69)
  • netbios (windows shares, ports 138 ja 139)
  • smtp (simple mail transfer protocol, port 25)
  • ssmtp (smtp over ssl, port 465)
  • loc-srv (location service (windows), port 135)


In addition, at the University level, a few unsafe protocols are also blocked; for example:

  • ftp
  • telnet


The primary reasons for these blocks are to ensure security, and to prevent spam and computer security breaches.

If you want to send email from the university network, you must use the university outgoing mail servers. Using external provider mail servers for sending mail is not allowed.