IT Services

Citrix Receiver on Macintosh

Citrix XenApp, Citrix Receiver and using administration services like Rondo, SAP and SoleTM on Mac OSX

Using the service is done with Citrix Receiver client.

Installing Citrix Receiver client

Using the service requires that Citrix Receiver client is installed on your device (Mac).
Citrix Receiver is preinstalled on the University's Macintosh computers, and it can also be found on on the University's Macintosh computers Managed Software service.

On home computer, please check if Citrix Receiver client can be found in the AppStore. If not, please visit developer website and download the latest version of Citrix Receiver for Mac and install it on your device.


Using Citrix Receiver client

Go to Applications menu and open Citrix Receiver
Go>Applications Citrix Receiver


Connect to address


Login to service with JYUNET\yourusername and your university password

(Note that you type character \ by pressing together shift + option + 7)



Add the application you need to your virtual desktop by clicking the + sign on the left side
Add Your Favourite Apps


Choose the application from the All Applications menu
All Applications Sovellukset


Click the icon of the application on your virtual desktop


And the application will start

(Note that this might take a minute or two, please be patient.)