IT Services

Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch (iOS) and wireless network (Wi-Fi / WLAN)

Connecting to the JYU wireless network (jyu-student & jyu-staff) and to eduroam on Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch (iOS)


With your JYU user account you can access three wireless networks:

  • jyu-student is for students at the JYU campus area
  • jyu-staff is for staff at the JYU campus area
  • eduroam can be used by students and staff on JYU campus as well as around the world on the campuses of many different academic institutions. More information about eduroam can be found here.

Note! Within JYU campus area please use  primarily either jyu-student or jyu-staff networks!

jyu-student and jyu-staff work simply by connecting and typing in your JYU username + password without configuring any settings. The first time you connect you will be notified about the certificate of the server. Select "Accept" to connect to the wireless network.

eduroam works almost the same. The only difference is that when connecting to eduroam, you will need to type your username as (e.g.

The configuration can also be done by installing a configuration file for the networks from the links below:

  • jyu-student
  • jyu-staff
  • eduroam: download the configuration file from: (Click the button where it says "eduroam user: download your eduroam installer" and select "University of Jyväskylä" as the organization. Then select "Apple iOS mobile devices" as the operating system and install the configuration file.)

Connecting to the wireless network

1. Open the "Settings"-menu and select "Wi-Fi"


2. As the wireless network select the network you need

  • jyu-student (for students)
  • jyu-staff (for staff)
  • eduroam (for students and staff, please see more information here)


3. Type in your JYU username + password in the "Username" and "Password" fields and select "Join". Note! when connecting to eduroam you will need to type your username as (e.g.


4. Accept the certificate of the server by selecting "Accept"


5. The wireless network is now connected