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Recording videos in Agora Delta

How to record lectures with video recording system in Agora Delta

There is a complete video recording system installed in Agora Delta room. This system enables you to record lectures or other video material easily and without a cameraman - you just make a classroom booking to Ag Delta in Korppi.

In this experimental system the video file will contain a screen capture video from the computer display and a live video from the camera located in the back wall of the room. Also speech will be recorded through a microphone that is installed in the teacher's table (to left from the computer monitor). The computer audio will not be recorded by default - if that is needed, please contact the IT Services Videosupport beforehand. Please note that only contents of the main screen (right screen from the audience's point of view) will be recorded.

Video recording system in AgDelta

In this picture you can see the computer and video recording system. On the right side of the table is the small video monitor for the back wall camera, a start/stop -switch for the video recording and a remote controller for the back wall camera ("TAKAKAMERA"). You can zoom and turn the camera with the TAKAKAMERA-remote. Always use the remote controller: don't turn the camera manually as that will break the camera unit.


1. Log in to the computer (on left part of the table)

2. Switch the small video display on. Power button is marked with yellow color:


3. Check the camera alignment from the small display. You can turn and zoom the camera with TAKAKAMERA-remote if needed.

When you're ready, you can start the recording by pressing the grey start/stop -button on the control box (in the front of the small display). The recording is on when this button is down.

5. When you want to stop the recording, press the grey start/stop button again. When the button is up, the recording is stopped. There is about a 5 second delay in stopping, so wait a few seconds before you start talking anything. Leave the camera powered on, but you can switch the small display off.

6. After the video recording send an e-mail to the video support team ( Include the following information to your message:

  • Start time of the recording (time and date)
  • Publishing folder/program in Moniviestin
  • Title and description text for the video (you can see the current folder structure at
  • is the pathkey protection needed or can the video be freely available in Moniviestin?

We will publish your video as soon as possible, usually during the next work day at the latest.

For more information please e-mail to:

Frequently asked questions

There's no picture from the camera in the small display
Check if the diplay is powered on. Then press 1-2 times A/V-button until you see the picture. If this doesn't help either, see the next question.

Camera in the back wall is swithed off
If the camera is switched off, you can switch it on with TAKAKAMERA remote control. Press the green Power-button in the upper right corner. The remote control should be pointed quite directly to the camera.

Remote control doesn't work
Check that you're using the remote control labeled "TAKAKAMERA". Lift the remote control and point it directly to the camera. If the remote control still doesn't work, press the Camera Select: 1 button on remote.

Recorded audio is too low or bad quality
Sound is recorded with the white table microphone on the left side of the computer display. Make sure that you don't place any papers, books etc on the microphone, as that will decrease the sound quality substantially. Also avoid knocking the table or moving any objects on the table, as that may cause interference to the recorded audio.

How can I make sure that the recording actually works?
Unfortunately we don't have any indicators for the recording yet. The system should always be ready to record, but if you want to make sure that the recording server is switched on, you can press the A/V-button twice on the small display. If you see a light grey background with text, the system is ready to record. Please switch the display back to the camera picture after the check by pressing "A/V" again.

Before important recordings it is recommended to ask the video support to double check if the system is fully operational. Send an e-mail beforehand to and tell us when you need the video recording system.