IT Services


User guides for the different applications offered by the IT Services.
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How do I get the computer name for error reporting?
How to find your home directory
What to do in order to find out where your home directory is
How to take a screen shot with a Macintosh
Macs do not have a Print Screen button, so how can you take a screen shot?
IT Services under one roof!
The objective of the IT Services is to promote, support, and coordinate the usage of information technology in teaching, research and administration of the University.
My internet connection from the student village does not work. Who should I contact?
Staff training
University Staff can participate on staff courses in computer and information technology.
TUTKA help
Help in English for research and publication data system TUTKA
What to do if none of these guides help?

Language Problems

Changing the keyboard language
If the keyboard language is wrong, this is how to change it