IT Services


User guides for the different applications offered by the IT Services.
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I can't print in the computer lab. What's wrong?
Linux - Red Hat Enterprise Workstation
Problems with network connection
If you have problems with your connection, here are some things you should check out before contacting advisory service. If you succeed to locate the problem, you might be able to fix it all by yourself (also the next time when the same problem occurs) or hasten counselling and repairing the problem, for all the options don't have to be talked through with the counsellor.
Where should I send error messages?


Change your Password
You can change your University User account Password and manage your information in the Salasana-service.
Software installations on JYUNET workstations
About software installations and updates on Windows workstations of JYUNET
How do I know the status of my Profile Quota?
I have exceeded my profile quota; what can I do?
What programs are installed on Computer labs?


How to learn to use Linux
WikiHow is a Wiki full of How To material. You can also find something about how to learn to use Linux.
How to use Linux
Linux Online offers courses, short lessons, how to's and tricks on using Linux.


How to take a screen shot with a Macintosh
Macs do not have a Print Screen button, so how can you take a screen shot?
How to use Mac
Guide in using Macintosh computers. Starts from the basics. Many languages available.


How to print
Printing instructions can be found at the University Printing House website


Software Center on Windows workstations (staff only)
Can I save files to the local workstation drive?
Changing the keyboard language
If the keyboard language is wrong, this is how to change it
Do I have personal disk space?
Do I have personal disk space? Where is it? Can I save files on a computer in a computer lab? How much disk quota do I have for my personal web pages?
Fixing a broken taskbar
How to fix a broken Windows taskbar
How do I get the computer name for error reporting?
How to delete browsing history from Internet Explorer
It is a good idea to periodically delete the browsing history and other personal information from Internet Explorer.
How to find your home directory
What to do in order to find out where your home directory is
I can't log out of a computer!
I have exceeded my profile quota; what can I do?
Installing programs on Windows 7 workstations (staff only)
My useraccount got locked, what can I do?
What are logon options JYUNET / (This computer)?
What are the windows logon options JYUNET / (This computer)?
What is AD? JYUNET?
Where can I find a Computer Lab?
Where can students use computers on campus?
Why am I not allowed to shut down the computer?
Why are the computers always on, even at night?