IT Services

Info package for a new student

This tutorial contains information and links to web services you need as a new student.

  1. Where to get a user account? For your studies you will need a University of Jyväskylä user account
  2. Service Desk of IT Services Contact information
  3. Activating your Jyväskylä University e-mail address Before you can start using university's e-mail you have to confirm your e-mail address.
  4. Information security guide for students Information security is very important! Keeping your data safe helps you and others too.
  5. Important web services for student Here you find web addresses of important web services with short descriptions.
  6. Information technology services You can use these information technology services as a student.
  7. Printing What is my printing quota per year? How can I print?
  8. Statistics Advisory Services of Statistics Advisory
  9. Software IT services distributes some software to students
  10. Microsoft Office 365 – office applications for free Microsoft Office 365 is available to University of Jyväskylä students free of charge during studies
  11. Computer labs Public computer labs for all students and software you can use in these labs
  12. Help is closer than you think! Support for services provided by IT Services is conveniently available online.
  13. Rules of use Rules and responsibilities. What is misuse and what are the consequences of it?

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