IT Services

Important web services for student

Here you find web addresses of important web services with short descriptions.
  • Password change service -> OMA -service
  • Korppi - study data system - used to sign up for courses, demos and examinations, organise and plan your studies and view an up-to-date transcript of your studies etc. ->
  • Optima - e-learning environment used for electronic distribution of course materials etc. ->
  • Moodle - e-learning environment ->
  • Koppa - a portal for delivering course materials ->
  • eExam - electronic exam: the student takes an exam independently in a classroom specifically made for eExam ->
  • Moniviestin - a web publishing platform used by University of Jyväskylä. It contains multimedia materials online for teaching and information purposes. ->
  • University's library - data bases, search, loans, and renewals ->
  • You can also use some of these services on smart phones (e.g. Korppi and Isa mail)