IT Services

Apple Macintosh & network drives

Data transfer between Macintosh and University network drives

  1. Macintosh & data transfer using the sftp protocol Transferring files between network drives and a Macintosh using the sftp protocol and the Cyberduck application.
  2. Mapping network drives to a Mac Network drives (U:/W:/S:/ and others in Windows terms) can be mapped to a Macintosh. In order to do the mapping you need: 1) VPN-connection if your Mac is not connected to the University network, 2) The physical path for the network drive, 3) The file /etc/krb5.conf in your Mac must have the content explained in this guide.
  3. Finding the directory path using the password service
  4. System file '/etc/krb5.conf' for mapping network drives There must be the following settings in the system file '/etc/krb5.conf' for mapping network drives.

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