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Mapping network drives to a Mac

Network drives (U/W and others in Windows terms) can be mapped to a Macintosh. In order to do the mapping you need: 1) VPN-connection if your Mac is not connected to the University network, 2) The physical path for the network drive, 3) The file /etc/krb5.conf in your Mac must have the content explained in this guide.

Prerequisites for mapping a network drive on a Mac

1. VPN-connection is needed if your Mac is not connected to the University network. In the Kortepohja Student Village the VPN connection is not needed, for exampleVPN connection guide for a Macintosh.
2. The path for the network drive is needed. The direcory path is easy and unique for the W drive, but a little more complicated for the U and other drives. Can be resolved using the Password service.
(3. There must be special settings in your Mac's definition file '/etc/krb5.conf' !This may be needed for Macintosh systems older than 10.8.x . )


Mapping the network drive W (Your web pages)

When prerequisites 1-3 listed above are fulfilled the network drive W can be mapped to your Macintosh. In the Finder menu Go choose Connect to Server... You need the physical path of the network drive. In the exmaple bellow the path is: '//' where 'useraccount" is your account for logging in a University network computer. NOTE! The sever name has changed to:

Connect to Server

The directory path is always the same for the network drive W (option 1. in the screen snap). The only changing part is your network user account. You should add the user account as a suffix to the directory part. In the example the user account is 'useraccount'.  While mapping your drive for the very first time your account and password  will be required. You can save them in the key chain if you wish. the The same is true for the U drive.

For the other network drives U, V, O etc. finding the directory path is more complicated. Please, have a look at the corresponding page of this tutorial. Note the option 3. in the screen snap. It's for your documents scanned/copied by multipurpose devices.

Note the prefix 'smb:' in the Finder command.

Mapping the network drive U (Your personal network home drive, option 2.)

The network drive U is mapped in the same way as W drive. Connect to smb:// (If this does not succeed, try again with the physical path. Finding the directory path for the U drive is more complicated than for the W drive. Please have look at the link how to resolve the network drive path.)

Back slashes '\' in Windows path names must be changed to ordinary slashes '/' on a Mac.

! For your username, please write your to give the correct domain to the login service. !

verkkolevyt-usb Network drives are working on your Mac in the same way as USB memory sticks.  In the example there is  the Kingstone USB memory stick and network drives ''  (W drive) and '' (U drive) mapped onto a Mac.

Closing connection to network drives is done in the same way as removing the USB memory stick from your Mac.

Hints and advices

If you are closing the VPN connection, remember to close connection to the network drives first.

If any problems occure you can contact help desks of the IT Services.