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Degree application form (for bachelor’s and master’s degrees) in Korppi

These are instructions for completing a degree application form for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Korppi. You can submit your application online (no need to print anything).

1 Create a new application for a degree

You can create an application for a degree using your personal study plan (HOPS) or without a study plan.

1.1  Create a new application using a personal study plan

Open the personal study plan you want to use in your application for a bachelor’s or master’s degree. (Studies > Organizing your studies > study plans (eHOPS) > select the study plan > Structure)

You can apply for a degree only after having completed a required number of credits (i.e. 180 ECTS credits for a bachelor’s degree and 120 ECTS credits for a master’s degree).

You can check the required amount of credits on the Structure tab of your personal study plan. If the total amount of credits exceeds the required minimum, you will see the Apply for the degree button under the title of your study plan. Click the button to proceed.

If you have a sufficient amount of credits but cannot see the Apply for the degree button, your department may not yet use this function in Korppi. In that case, please contact your department.

1.2  Create a new application without a personal study plan

In Korppi, select Studies > Degrees.

  1. Under the title Apply for degree, select the faculty of the degree you are applying for.
  2. This opens the Select degree title menu under the list of faculties. Select the degree you are applying for (e.g. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts or Master of Science).
  3. Click the Apply button.

2 Personal data

Check that your personal data is correct.

You can correct errors and add missing information on the Personal Data screen of Korppi. Changed information will be updated to your application when you open it again either via the study plans (eHops) or Degrees screen.

When your personal data is correct, click Next.

3 Adding studies to the application

Select the studies you wish to include in your degree and add them to your application. Your studies are divided into study modules and courses. Courses are arranged into language and communication studies and other studies.

The procedure to add studies is the same for each category. Click Show edit to open the list of studies you can add to the active category. The transcript of records shows basic information on your studies, for example, the code and name of the study module or course, the grade and the number of ECTS credits. At the end of each row you can see the Add link. By clicking the link you can add the course to your application. If you wish to remove a study module or course from your application, click Delete at the end of the row. Deleted studies return to the list of studies that you can add to your application.

Study modules can be part of major subject studies or minor subject studies. Select the correct link at the end of the row: Add as a major subject or Add as a minor subject. You can change this selection afterwards by clicking the Change as a major or Change as a minor link.

Under Degree data on top of the page, you can see the total number of ECTS credits added to the application. The total number of ECTS credits must be at least the same as the minimum required for the degree. When you have added all studies that you want to include in your degree, click Next.

International studies

If you have studied abroad via an exchange programme or agreement of the University of Jyväskylä, this can be indicated in your certificate. If you want to include your international study/internship period to your degree, select the checkbox and enter the information to the text box.

4 Additional information

Fill in additional information to your application for degree.

You may define if you allow your name to be published as a graduate from the University of Jyväskylä in media (e.g. in a local newspaper). The default setting is to allow publication, so select the checkbox if you do not want your name to be published.

Select the way of delivery for your degree certificate. You can either collect it from your faculty office or have it posted to any address. If you want to receive your degree certificate by mail, enter your address in the text box.

5 Submit the application

On the final page, you can see the summary of your application. Please check your information carefully. In case of errors or missing information, click the <<Previous button and edit the information.  

If you desire, you may also attach a message to your application. For example, you can inform the faculty employees who process the application if you have excluded some studies on purpose.

When all information is correct, click Send the application. This will send an e-mail notification to the faculty employees who will process the application.

6 Processed application

You will receive an e-mail after your application has been processed. Throughout the process, you can see the status of your application and all other information in Korppi by selecting Studies > Degrees. On the Degrees tab you can see the information of processed applications.