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Converis update Wed 15.2.2017 at 15

Maintenance break on Converis research information system.

Maintenance notice

Starting time of maintenance break:
15.02.2017 klo 15:00
Ending time of maintenance break:
15.02.2017 klo 16:00
Target of maintenance:
Description of maintenance work:
Converis web application will be updated to version 5.10.2. In addition, project module will be accommodated concerning SAP project initiation requests (=project secretaries only at this stage).
The update includes following improvements, among others:
  • Short descriptions for records are refreshed on frequent rate after data updates.
  • Fixes and improvements on cloning / save as -functions.
  • Improvements on system performance and security.
Nb. please log out of the system before the maintenance break to preserve unsaved data. Logging in will be disabled during the break (estimated length 30 min).
Other recent Converis development at JyU:
  • YSO (Finnish upper ontology) -keywords are in use for project and researcher-related metadata.
  • Data in researchers' profile pages (visible for logged in users) is partially modifiable (public profiles will be accommodated later).
  • HR-data (e.g. units for staff and postgraduate students) updated according to the new organization.

We apologise for possible inconveniences.

Contact: University of Jyväskylä / IT Services
Telephone: 014 - 260 3600
At the web:

Maintenance window

Maintenance breaks on Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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