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MS Windows 7 – Change to a new operating system

IT-services have been preparing technical aspects and background systems for a wide transition to Windows 7 operating system.

The change affects ca. 4000 computers that are used by staff or are in public spaces (IT-classrooms, lecture halls, lobby areas).
In the fall 2011 the pilot started, where individual users could apply to get the new operating system for testing.
As of now, the new operating system is already in use in 700 computers, and the user experience gained from this has helped the planning of the transition.

Timetable for the transition:

-        Beginning 2012 all the new computers that use the Windows as an operating system are mainly installed directly with Windows 7 operating system. This also applies to all lecture hall computers in all the University buildings.

-        Some of Mattilanniemi IT-classrooms have already been installed with Windows 7

  • Agora: classrooms Latin (I floor.), Finland (II floor.), Sovjet (II floor.), Mountains (II floor.), Lakes (II floor.)
  • MaD: classrooms MaD205 and MaD206

    -          Next on the list:

    • Agora: classroom Lakes (II floor), lecture halls C222.1, D121.1, B201, C421.1
    • Agora users please notice, that after week 10 the other classrooms and lecture halls will be transferred to use the new operating system.


      -        Individual staff members can apply to get the new operating system through their areas own it-support. There is no timetable for large-scale transitions yet, and for those transitions the faculties and departments will be contacted later.

      -        Most software and programs that university uses are ready for installation for Windows 7, but some special programs still need work.

      Changes that are visible to users:

      -        If you teach in a room that has a computer with new operating system, all the normal software will work. After logging in, you find installed programs through Start-menu.

      After the installation of new operating system the MS Office and Outlook-client will be version 2010, bringing wider and better features for users. In itself, the Windows 7 operating system expands the individual use of the computer.


      More info:

      Yes, I want Windows 7 to my computer ->

      Preparing of transition -> Chief of IT Support Juha Alioravainen  (

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      Maintenance breaks on Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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