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Setting a startpage for the workspace or folder
Students can work easier in well-instructed online courses. You can add instructions to be viewable in the startpage of a workspace or folder. The startpage of a workspace also serves as a welcome page to the course.
A quick layout for pages using pre-existing templates
Take advantage of Optima templates to save your time and effort. You can use ready-made templates including illustration and text styles. Note: always select the template before starting to write.
Logging in to Optima
This guide shows you how to log in to Optima of University of Jyväskylä using University of Jyväskylä's user account and using user account in the form of Firstname Surname
Return box
Students can return their assignments to a return box. Teacher has overview which makes following and evaluating assignments easy. Peer reviewing is also possible.
Folders for workspace members
You can easily create personal folders for all members of a workspace.
Groups in Optima
You can divide students of a workspace to smaller groups and give the groups permissions to their own group folders.
Changing the name or operating time of a workspace
As a teacher you can change the name and the operating time of your own workspace in general settings.
Objects in trash can be restored
The teacher can restore accidentally deleted objects.
Using images in Optima
How-to for adding images to Optima workspaces and inserting images to pages made with Light web-editor.
Workspace to Optima
How does one get a workspace for a course in Optima?
Transferring students from Korppi to Optima
The teacher can transfer the students of a course from Korppi to Optima
Adding members one by one to an Optima workspace
How you can add a colleague to a workspace in Optima.
I'm not able to reach my course workspace in Optima!
What should I do if I can’t reach my course workspace in Optima?
Problems with Optima - how to proceed?
Who can I contact about Optima?
How to stop Optima from sending me e-mail messages
You can turn off the automatic mail reminder.
Writing together (Writing area, "wiki")
Students can create text collaboratively with the writing space.
Diary: Personal or for a group
Adding a photo to your contact information
How to add a photo to your contact information in Optima.
Most common login problems
Most common problems with logging in and solutions to them.
Participating in a discussion
How to use a discussion list
Creating a discussion list
How to create a discussion list to a workspace
Language settings
How to change the language settings in Optima
Reorder, copy or link material
You can reorder, copy and link material inside a workspace - between workspaces, too. Be aware of the material repository if you need same materials for more than one workspace.
User account expired
I study at the Open University of the University of Jyväskylä and my user account is expired. What should I do?
Archiving a workspace
The owner of the workspace can archive and old workspace and still have access to it.
Submitting a document to a return box
How to submit a document to a return box in an Optima workspace
Peer reviewing
How to peer review a document in the return box
Printing an object
This guide tells you how to print an object.
Workspace as course area
Working in Optima takes place in workspaces that include different functions and objects depending of a course.
Editing materials
How do I get a user account for Optima?
Instructions for getting a user account for Optima
Using Optima in coeducation
Using Optima in coeducation of universities and Haka login
I forgot my Optima password
To get a new password:
Copyright terms in Optima
What kind of material can be added in Optima?
Test user
Guide for creating and using a test user account.
Using the Writing area
How to use Optima's writing area in co-work
Voice recorder
You can record streamed flash media files with the Video and voice recorder. These instructions guide you to create a voice recording.
Video recorder
You can record streamed flash media files with the Video and voice recorder. These instructions guide you to create a video recording.
Adding tools to a workspace
This guide explains how to add a new tool to a workspace.
Model answer quiz
In model answer quiz you can create questions and define model answers (how the question should be answered). You may add or more questions to one model answer quiz. The model answer will be visible to the user after answering the question. The student can also comment and evaluate his answer after answering. Also the teacher may write comments on the students’ answer.
A return box for a group
NEW: a group of students can return their joint assignment and all will get the feedback from the teacher. Teacher doesn´t create the groups, because students will do it when returning their assignment.
Multiple choice drill or exam
"Multiple choice drill or exam" is a versatile editor for creating multiple choice tasks. Tasks can be performed as drills or exams. Answer alternatives may be text based, or different media formats may be used (e.g. pictures, sound etc.). Using different formats one can meet the needs of music branch or sciences, for example.
Optima's videochat tool can be used for simple video conferencing. It's not possible to share the screen or record the session. In one session the maximum amount of webcameras is five and the maximum number of participants listening to the session is 20. The maximum duration of a videochat is 1,5 hours.
Add content to your own or a shared folder
Student can add content to his own or a shared folder (when teacher has given permission to edit the folder)
Tracking object and tracking tool
Instructions for use of the tracking object and tracking tool
Additional tips for Collection
IN BRIEF: What´s new after the Optima-update?
JYU Optima has been updated 13.8.2014. The user interface layout has been redesigned and some of the functions have new locations.
Send a private message
If you send a message to the Discussion list addressed specially to someone, it will be visible to all members of the workspace. Now you can also send a message privately.
What´s new in Optima update 21.1.2015?
The main changes in the Optima update in January 2015
Report Tool
As a teacher you can monitor students' progress individually or by a group with the new report tool.
What´s new in the Optima update 24.6.2015?
The main changes in the Optima update in June 2015
Mobile Optima
Optima mobile version
Embedding an iFrame
How to embed an iFrame
Changing stock photo in Collection
You can change the stock photo of the workspace.
Organize your workspaces (Favorites)
You can organize your workspaces in desired order using the Favorites feature.