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At the JSBE, accounting is one of the largest disciplines in terms of number of students and staff. Accounting measures, processes and communicates financial information for various decision making needs. Instruction in accounting is provided in relation to financial and management accounting, auditing, and financial planning and control.

Study programmes


The Bachelor's and Master's programmes in accounting are offered in Finnish.

The current areas of teaching cover accounting in the public-, private-, and third sector. Excellent computer laboratories equipped with software for teaching, research, and projects facilitate learning and research processes.

Whether exploring new research topics or completing lecture reports, students have access to various up-to-date statistical and graphical applications.

Graduates in accounting find employment mostly in industry and the service sector, e.g. in auditing and consulting.

Current areas of research cover the following fields in both the private and public sectors:

    • Financial accounting and auditing
    • Cost accounting and management control
    • Corporate finance

Research Groups: Accounting in Organizational and Social Context



    JSBE research seminar

    Seminar for everyone interested in high quality research in economics and business economics (program).