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Corporate Environmental Management

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Environmental issues have gained an important role in the management of both private and public organisations. Companies are today facing increasing demands from various stakeholders concerning the environmental performance of their products and processes. They do not only face the requirements of environmental regulation anymore, but also the additional demands from stakeholders and society at large. Consumers are asking for green products, public authorities insist on a more favourable corporate environmental performance, employees and neighbourhood residents are concerned about the health and safety aspects of production, and non-governmental organisations are running campaigns for the environment and sustainability. In addition, when environmental issues are successfully incorporated into the corporate strategy, they can be transformed into competitive advantage.

Jyväskylä was the first university in in the Nordic region to offer a complete master's and doctoral programme in Corporate Environmental Management.

The School of Business and Economics at the University of Jyväskylä has been proactive in integrating corporate environmental management (CEM) in its curriculum, research, and other activities.

The management of social and environmental impact is becoming increasingly important in the global business world. Therefore, more and more corporations require leaders who understand these opportunities and can deliver results. In response to this demand, a biennial survey of business schools, entitled Beyond Grey Pinstripes, provides corporate recruiters with relevant rankings in order to identify the MBA graduates best equipped to lead business in the 21st century.

In autumn 2001, we were honoured by the WRI (World Resources Institute) with an international award for our outstanding leadership in training future business decision makers in environmental management skills. We have also been successively recognised in the Beyond Grey Pinstripes survey of 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011, in which the School of Business and Economics was positioned among the top "Global 100" business schools leading the way in integrating issues of social and environmental stewardship into business school curricula and research. Some 600 full-time MBA programmes were invited to participate in the survey, of which only 100 were recognised as truly cutting-edge; including programmes offered at such renowned institutions as Oxford, Stanford, and Yale.

Study programmes

CEM is a full-time 2-year master's programme. Studies begin in September and there is no mid-point entry to the programme.

The Master's Degree Programme in Corporate Environmental Management at the School of Business and Economics of the University of Jyväskylä provides an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to environmental issues. The programme includes courses in material flow management, environmental management systems, climate business, and environmental strategy and marketing. The language of instruction and completion in all major courses of the programme is English. We have close co-operation with the Department of Environmental Sciences at our University and our students also do some compulsory basic studies in environmental science and technology.


Our research interests include:

    • material flow management
    • sustainable production and consumption
    • sustainability strategies and marketing
    • environmental values and cultures,
    • strategies and business concepts for sustainable energy solutions
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