The purpose of alumni activities is to maintain voluntary contact between alumni and the University. Before anything else, it is about networking and communication.

Our alumni community is quite extensive, because economic sciences have been taught and researched at JYU for almost 50 years. More than 3,000 masters and 200 doctors of economic sciences have graduated from JSBE. When also including all who have worked here as a teacher, the result is an immense amount of expertise, experience and vision but above all, golden years and great memories from education in economic sciences in Jyväskylä. All who have graduated from the unit since 1967 or have worked here are part of our alumni.

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Get acquainted with the alumni of the subject association Pörssi (Pörssin Alumnit ry). The association works as a link between everyone who has studied business and economics at JYU, creating and maintaining traditions between the alumni. Join the association here.

Our alumni have many interesting stories to tell – read more here.

We warmly welcome wishes and suggestions concerning alumni activity. Is there anything in particular you expect from alumni activity? Contact us and give feedback!

Head of Student and Academic Affairs Niina Simanainen (niina.j.simanainen(at)jyu.fi)