Recruit students!


Trainees bring valuable work contribution to the employer, but also the latest know-how, new ideas and knowledge about the contents and quality of modern education and research. Employing a trainee enables the employer to implement new ideas and venture into new territories with little risk. It is also an easy way to recruit future experts.

A trainee can help you with, for instance

  • compiling studies, reports and surveys
  • assessing, development and designing tasks
  • managing contacts and other related tasks

If you have a suitable traineeship position available, please contact opintoasiat-jsbe@jyu.fi

Theses and projects

Working together on a thesis enables the client to utilize competent and high-quality research in the development of their activity. Our students offer you the latest research data and the ability to apply them in any given task.

The first thesis of our students is the bachelor’s thesis, worth 10 ECTS credits. It includes a seminar lasting for one academic year, during which the student learns the key aspects of research work. The final project is the master’s thesis. It is worth 35 ECTS credits, and most students reserve six months to a year to finish it. The master’s thesis develops the student’s abilities in independent research, applying existing information and critical evaluation.

If you have an idea for thesis collaboration, please contact opintoasiat-jsbe@jyu.fi

Student projects, often projects for a course, are a common form of collaboration with organizations. For example, marketing research, market surveys, development of internationalization strategies, service conceptualization and productization reports, sales development projects, social media marketing projects, as well as brainstorming and developing business ideas and models have been executed in collaboration with organizations.

Tell us about your ideas or ask more: opintoasiat-jsbe@jyu.fi