Pörssi have chosen the Teacher and the Supervisor of the Year

In their traditional anniversary celebration, Pörssi ry – Students of Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics have once again chosen the Teacher of the Year from the teaching staff of JSBE. Supervisor of the Year was chosen for the first time.

Pörssi’s Teacher of the Year -award was granted to Doctoral Student Ville Salonen. Salonen has become familiar to the students as the teacher in charge of the study module “Consumer Behavior” in Marketing.

- Teacher of the Year is not only professional but also inspiring and motivating. Ville’s lectures have an open, inspiring atmosphere, and he understands the value of personal feedback. He utilises teaching methods that activate students and highlights both theoretical and practical approaches in his teaching, Pörssi justifies their choice.

Supervisor of the Year was awarded to Professor of Accounting Marko Järvenpää.

- Supervisor of the Year is encouraging and patient. Marko sees his discipline in the bigger picture, and utilises its many possibilities. He genuinely wants to develop the discipline he represents and takes student feedback seriously, Pörssi describes.

According to Pörssi, Järvenpää is familiar with various methods, understands and listens to his students but also has a sense of humour.

JSBE congratulates the award winners.

Further information:

Professor, Vice Dean (Education) Heikki Karjaluoto, 0405767814, heikki.karjaluoto@jyu.fi