Doctoral School

Admission to the JSBE Doctoral Programmes

The next application period to the JSBE Doctoral Programmes is in March 2018.

Before completing your application, please first read carefully the description of

at the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE).

You can apply to the JSBE Doctoral Programmes only by using our online application system

One or two letters of recommendation by your chosen referee(s) should be sent by using our online recommendation system. Please note that you will have to invite the referees yourself, that is, provide them with the link above. Also the recommendations should be sent before the application deadline.

Please also note the following:

  • Admission of new doctoral students takes place twice a year.
  • All applicants with sufficient background knowledge can apply (see description of studies above).
  • We will not consider any applications sent by email. Applications and recommendations must be sent by using our online systems.
  • It is highly recommended that the applicant indicates his/her (suggested) supervising JSBE professor in the application form. It is beneficial to contact your possible supervising JSBE professor by email in advance; see contact details of JSBE faculty. Please also note their discipline for your application.
  • In JSBE, we organize our research activities in research groups. You will need to select one of the JSBE research groups in the application that, at this point, seems to best fit your research interests.
  • Applications arriving late will not be considered. Please note that applications, including references, must arrive before the deadline. Applicant information is treated confidentially.
  • The applicant is responsible for the correctness of the information provided. Submitting incorrect information during the doctoral application procedure will result in the applicant losing the study place that he/she has already achieved.
  • After the submission deadline your application will be processed by the Faculty Research Committee after consulting the suggested main supervisor. Then the decision regarding new doctoral students is made by the Dean. Overall, we will try to let the applicant know about the decision in around 5-8 weeks after the submission deadline.
  • In some rare occasions, applications of JSBE Master's students (thesis marked 4 or 5) can be processed before the submission deadline.
  • Please note that acceptance to the program is conditional on that you will take the position by registering within six months of acceptance.

For inquiries about doctoral studies, please contact doctoral-studies-jsbe [ät]

For admitted doctoral students

See separate instructions for enrolment to the doctoral programme.



JSBE research seminar

Seminar for everyone interested in high quality research in economics and business economics (program).