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Academic Writing and Literary Searches

Electronic Journals at the School of Business and Economics

  • EJBO (Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization
    ) since 1996. The main editor is currently professor Tuomo Takala  (tuomo.a.takala (at)
  • EJFBS (Electronic Journal of Family Business Studies) since 2007. The main editor is currently professor Juha Kansikas (kansikas (at)

Academic Journals

ISI Database

  • ISI database (access only in the network of JYU). By default the searches are for articles (Web of Science, search). The result indicates how many times an article has been referred to.
  • Comparison of journals: Choose Additional Resources / Journal Citation Reports / Choose: JCR Social Sciences Edition (and e.g. View a group of journals by Subject Category) -> Submit -> Choose the categories: e.g. "Business", "Business, Finance" & "Economics" and View Journal Data, sort by impact factor -> Submit.
  • The Academy of Management Journal has recently been given the highest impact factor (i.e. most influential).

ABS Journal Quality List

Publish or Perish Software

  • A free alternative to ISI is "Publish or Perish", where references are based on Google Scholar. It includes references to books, conference proceedings, and a wider range of journals than ISI. The programme needs installing but does not require usernames or passwords.

Harzing Journal Quality Lists

  • Professor Anne-Wil Harzing maintains a list of rankings (Journal Quality List)
  • You can see rankings in alphabetical order or by fields (incl. Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management, and Marketing).
  • The listings are given as zipped pdf-files.

Methods & Software

  • IHME (Methodology Centre for Human Sciences) also gives methodological training for all JYU doctoral students and faculty; mostly in Finnish (Ihmistieteiden metodikeskus, in Finnish)
  • Yhteiskuntatieteellinen tietoarkisto / Menetelmäopetus (MOTV)
  • Sofware:  SPSS, Stata, SAS, R, Lisrel, Mplus (quantitative), Nvivo, ATLAS.ti (qualitative)
  • UCLA - Statistical computing (information on SPSS, Stata, R, SAS)
  • School of Business and Economics (JSBE) has licence for Webropol-programme, which is designed for making web-questionaires. Faculty of JSBE can order usernames and passwords for the programme from our computing support personnel (pcsupport-ma).  Faculty can ask usernames and passwords for undergraduate and doctoral students as well. This programme is regarded as flexible and simple to use.
  • University of Jyväskylä has also licence for MrInterview-programme, which is designed for making web-questionaires. The answers will be stored on a database, which can be processed e.g. with SPSS. All students and faculty of JYU can use MrInterview. You need a personal username and password. They can be ordered by sending email containing your name and university network username to address: tilastoneuvonta [at] They will also supply you with a simplified user manual for JYU. It might be userful to see also instructions provided by the University of Kentacy.
  • University of Jyväskylä has licence for MapInfo Professional software, which can be used to create e.g. thematic maps. If you do not have it on your office computer, please ask university pcsupport. You may also need regional (NUTS) boarders of Finland. Some are available, additional can be bought e.g. from Statistics Finland ("kartta-aineistot"). For more details, contact Mika Haapanen.
  • SAGE Research Medhods Online (SRMO) is designed to help you create research projects and understand the methods behind them. e.g. over 1,400 methods terms links to authoritative content, including: over 640 books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks, videos.
  • Examples of free software for drawing mind maps ("käsitekartat") are "XMind" and "Freemind" "iMindMap" is also quite inexpensive but uses java: You may find them useful for writing and processing your thoughts during the PhD process.


  • Amadeus database can be accessed from Nelliportaali as well. University of Jyväskylä has bought a massive company database, containing information on (e.g. balance sheet data) on 3 298 804 European companies, including 28 704 Finnish companies. Good tools for searching and comparing. Database is updated monthly. Try it!
  • The Data without Boundaries – DwB –  project exists to support equal and easy access to official microdata for the European Research Area, within a structured framework where responsibilities and liability are equally shared. Highly detailed or “confidential” microdata from other countries are often not hard to get for research purposes. This is a continuous call and there will be additional opportunities to apply. The next upcoming deadline is 15th October 2012.
  • The Central Archives for Finnish Business Records (Elka) specialises in the preservation of the documentary history of companies and business life. Elka collects, processes and makes available documents generated by the activities of companies, private persons, associations and organisations. The concept of “document” also covers drawings, maps, photographs and various audio and video recordings.
  • SOTKAnet contains comprehensive statistical information on welfare and health in Finland. The service also includes key data on population and health in Europe broken down by country.
  • - the society at large - Up-to-date information on key social indicators. Each indicator provides information in the form of statistical pictures, tables and analyses. The service has been implemented as a joint project between Statistics Finland and the Prime Minister's Office in collaboration with a number of other information providers.
  • Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) is a national resource centre for social science research and teaching. FSD archives, promotes and disseminates digital research data for research, teaching and learning purposes. The archive is funded by the Ministry of Education and is a separate unit of the University of Tampere. FSD promotes open access to research data, and the transparency, accumulation and efficient reuse of scientific research.
  • eccc, The Times 100 (case study materials)
  • Links to economics data (by Esa Mangeloja)
  • WebEc - Economics Data
  • Intute - Social Sciences: Business and Management & Economics - Closed in June 2011 but still achieved.
  • Balance Consulting's guide to firm indicators ("tunnuslukuopas"; in Finnish):

Research ethics

Networks and Organizations

Workshops, summer schools, international courses etc.

  • ERSA / PREPARE Summer Institute 2009 (Volos, Greece) for PhD-students and young researchers: The program is funded by the EU; no-cost opportunity.
  • European Science Foundation organizes courses in quantitative methods in Europe each summer.
  • (Job Offers, Conferences, Courses, Institutes and Papers in Economics - in Finland, Europe or anywhere in the world)

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