Doctoral School

De- and reactivation of supervision and doctoral studies

Basic information

  • All JSBE doctoral students must have an agreement of supervision with the supervisor(s).
  • When a new agreement of supervision is made, it is signed in paper format. Supervision is also documented in the Korppi-system by the student during the annual registration process (and agreed by the supervisor-in-change).
  • The JSBE doctoral school and the University of Jyväskylä Graduate School recommend that (new) doctoral students would have more than one supervisor for their doctoral studies. One of them must be named as the supervisor-in-charge (in practise, a professor employed by the University of Jyväskylä).
  • In the supervision document, a follow-up group must be formed for the doctoral student. In addition to the student’s supervisors, the follow-up group should include at least one supervisor who is external to the research group in which the dissertation is being done.
  • Doctoral student must also document members of the follow-up group and its activities in the Korppi-system.
  • See University of Jyväskylä Graduate School website for the responsibilities of the doctoral student, supervisor and follow-up group

Termination of study rights and agreement of supervision

  • According to Degree Regulations of the University of Jyväskylä, a postgraduate student must register for attendance or non-attendance every academic year in the manner decreed by the University in order to retain the study right. The dean may, upon the proposal of the supervisor, decide on the deactivation of the study right. In such a case, the student has no possibility to register for attendance. Before taking a decision, the dean must hear the follow-up group and the student.
  • Deactivation of study rights will also terminate the agreement of supervision.
  • The agreement of supervision can also be terminated for other good reasons.
  • A doctoral student whose study right has been deactivated cannot enrol as a doctoral student and continue his/her studies before it is reactivated.

Reactivation of study rights and agreement of supervision (when student’s status has been deactived)

  • In order to reactivate his/her doctoral study rights, new agreement of supervision must be approved by a supervisor-in-charge.
  • Reactivation can mean that a new suitable supervisor-in-charge is needed for the doctoral student. Unfortunately JSBE cannot guarantee supervision for all doctoral students willing to reactivate their status due to changing and limited resources.
  • The students wishing to be re-activated must be in contact with possible supervisors in the JSBE in order to increase the likelihood of finding a new supervisor for his/her work.
  • In practise, deactivated doctoral students can apply reaction of their study rights by sending his/her application to the head of academic affairs (Niina Simanainen, 1.1.2017-).
  • For the reaction process, the doctoral student must submit:
    • a progress report of the state of the research and studies so far
    • a research plan for the doctoral studies (approximately 10-15 pages); see e.g. instructions at the Academy of Finland
    • a study plan for the doctoral studies (for the course work).
  • Applicant will be informed, whether or not his/her status can be activated. The decision is made by the dean of the JSBE.
  • In particular, if the JSBE is able to find supervisor(s) for the work, student’s study rights will be re-activated after the new agreement of supervision document is signed. After that, the study register will be also updated and the student is marked as active.

Renewal of agreement of supervision when doctoral student’s status is active

  • The agreement of supervision can be terminated, for example, due to retirement of the supervisor, lack of confidence between the doctoral student and the supervisor, or lack of mutual research interests.
  • If the doctoral student’s status is active, (s)he should contact the head of the discipline and/or the members of the follow-up group for discussion of how to find a new supervisor-in-charge for the doctoral studies.
  • Note that the deactivated (passive) doctoral students will need to follow the instructions given above.



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