Doctoral School

Enrolment and annual registration

In order to enroll to the JSBE doctoral programme, admitted doctoral students will have to write a written agreement on supervision with her/his supervisor-in-charge. An updated doctoral study plan has to be attached to the agreement. Templates for these two documents can be downloaded here:

In preparing the documents, please consult with your supervisor. For instructions on the structure of the degree, see JSBE doctoral study guide (in Finnish, in English). See also general guidelines for preparing a doctoral study plan that are provided by the University of Jyväskylä Graduate School.

Once these forms have been delivered to the head of academic affairs at the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics, Niina Simanainen, admitted student is provided with an enrolment form for registering as a doctoral student at the University of Jyväskylä.

After the enrolment form has been returned to the University, he/she will get a user account to the University computing network (if it does not already exist). With the user account, student is able to access e.g. Korppi system.

  • Short instruction on user accounts is available for new students at the University of Jyväskylä. Please note that you may have to visit the service desk of IT Services (IT-palvelut) to activate your account. Please contact IT Services or Korppi support for more information regarding user accounts. See also their frequently asked questions.

After student's postgraduate status has been added to the student register (and the he/she has a user account), new students must fill in a postgraduate questionnaire in the Korppi system

In this form, the student will answer basic questions regarding the dissertation (including information on supervision and follow-up group). This questionnaire is the same as doctoral students will later fill during the compulsory annual registration process described next (cf. also agreement of supervision above).

Annual registration process

In the future, doctoral students must register annually as attendant (present) or non-attendant (absent) student in the Korppi system. The registration for the next academic year will open on the 2nd May 2017 and the registration deadline is 31st July. Hence, this online registration is required after the first academic year (full or incomplete).

  • It is important that all active doctoral students list the members of their follow-up group in Korppi. If you have not added them yet or you need to revise the members, please do it during the registration process (or any other time). If you are uncertain about the members of your follow-up group, please contact your supervisor.

Only students who have registered for attendance can have their study credits registered, and only students who have registered for attendance or non-attendance can be awarded a doctorate degree. Please note that registration after 31st July requires paying a re-registration fee. (Note change in practice.)

Those failing to register or failing to document study progress (and verified by supervisor) can be passivated (i.e. marked inactive in the student register). A doctoral student marked inactive in the student register cannot enroll as a postgraduate and continue his/her studies until an acceptable plan for the progress of postgraduate studies has been submitted to the supervisor. After the supervisor has accepted the study plan, the student register will be updated and the student marked as active.

Finally, note students that have already registered this academic year as a master's student may not able to register and complete the above forms. If this is the case, please contact Student Services at and ask them raise your status to JSBE doctoral student. Once you have also registered as doctoral student, you can again ask them to change the status to master's. Korppi will get information only from your status at the highest priority.

More instructions on registration at the University of Jyväskylä:

If your study rights have been deactivated at the JSBE, please see instructions here:



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