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It is widely recognized that entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are the key actors in innovation, social development, and economic growth. The "Entrepreneurial Revolution" will be as powerful in the twenty-first century as the "Industrial Revolution" was in the previous centuries. Today, entrepreneurship is the symbol of social renewal, business tenacity and achievement, and family businesses are the backbone and engine of the Finnish economy.

Entrepreneurship signifies a major challenge for learning. Successful entrepreneurship requires much more than merely luck and money. Offering an entrepreneurship minor, an international master's programme, and a doctoral programme, entrepreneurship makes a contribution to learning in both entre- and intrapreneurial capabilities. These capabilities do not only mean knowledge and skills but also entrepreneurial values and attitudes. Structurally, the curriculum of all of the programmes is a flexible combination of many different courses and projects. It is intended to guide the learners in creating, recognizing, and pursuing opportunities for the future as entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, or professional entrepreneurship advisers. The ideas of entrepreneurial pedagogy are actively used and applied in the programmes.

The present research profile covers emerging forms of entrepreneurial activity, start-ups, family business, business history, interenationalization, technology management, and entrepreneurship education. Consequently, contemporary challenges in entrepreneurship and family business are studied from both the micro and macro viewpoints.

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The main research topics cover: 

    • Entrepreneurship as a contextual phenomenon
    • Entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial learning
    • Strategy



    JSBE research seminar

    Seminar for everyone interested in high quality research in economics and business economics (program).