Corporate Environmental Management

Education in responsible business since 1995

The University of Jyväskylä was the first Nordic university to offer education for experts and managers of environmental management in unique master's and doctoral programmes.

Environmental issues have gained an important role in the management of both private and public organisations and stakeholder’s demand has increased concerning the environmental performance of products and processes. Today, consumers are asking more for green products, public authorities insist on a more favorable corporate environmental performance, employees and neighborhood residents are concerned about the health and safety aspects of production, and non-governmental organisations are running campaigns for the environment and sustainability. In addition, when environmental issues are successfully incorporated into the corporate strategy, they can be transformed into competitive advantage. As managing social and environmental impacts are becoming increasingly important in the global business world, more and more corporations require experts and leaders who understand these opportunities and can deliver results.


The research group of Corporate Environmental Management (CEM) has been proactive in integrating sustainability issues in its research, curriculum, and other activities. CEM research group provides an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to environmental issues in business. Our research interests include material flow management, sustainable production and consumption, sustainability strategies and marketing, environmental values and cultures, and strategies and business concepts for sustainable energy solutions.


The Master’s Degree Programme in Corporate Environmental Management at the School of Business and Economics is a two-year full-time programme, which provides an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to environmental issues.