Commercial Law combines juridical and economic expertise

Juridical expertise for the purposes of your own field.

Commercial Law examines the effect of legislation to the activities and operational environment of an organisation. The aim is to research and provide information about the rights, responsibilities and juridical options of the different parties of entrepreneurship in order to achieve economic objectives. In the discipline of Commercial Law at the University of Jyväskylä, we emphasise the effect of legislation (such as tax, community and labour laws) on the activities and operational environment of organisations. Our field of study includes also communication, information society and intellectual property law. Studies suit especially students of Economic sciences, Marketing, Communications and Information Technology. We support your discipline's juridical problems.


Research on Commercial Law at the University of Jyväskylä focuses on two main areas. The first focus area comprises freedom of speech, privacy and data protection, media law and information society law. The second focus area includes intellectual property law and the effect of technological development to legislation. Our research aims to support both the development of legislation and the decision-making of organisations.


Commercial Law offers high-quality teaching for students of Economics and other disciplines. In our discipline it is possible to complete basic and intermediate studies and choose from an extensive selection of courses that support the student’s major. Our students can also complete law study modules, which are needed in degrees of auditing. In addition to our own lecturers, courses are taught by experts from other universities and the working life.