Corporate Communication

Everyone communicates - few lead.

Corporate communication aims at enhancing an organization’s activity and profitability by strategic development of its reputation and stakeholder relations. The emergence of social and real time media has increased the stakeholders' expectations, challenging organisations to communicate ever more transparently and interactively. The need for corporate communication skills has increased. Corporate communication includes both internal work place communication as well as communication to recognized and potential external stakeholders.

We educate top experts who can respond to the challenges created by new digital operational environments.


Corporate communication research focuses on dynamic stakeholder relations and intangible assets, especially in digital environments. The corporate communication research group is a part of the university’s Digital Marketing and Communication – research team. Currently the corporate communication group is working on a large TEKES (The Finnish funding agency for innovation) funded research project on content marketing.


Studies in Corporate Communication provide students with theoretical, practical and attitudinal abilities to comprehensively utilise open and interactive communication in the activity and management of an organisation. On bachelor's level, corporate communication is taught mostly in Finnish, master's level courses and PhD-seminars are in English.

Corporate Communication studies prepare students for careers as communication professionals in businesses, the public sector, NGOs, research institutions, communication agencies and consultancies. Graduates can also start their own businesses as communication entrepreneurs: research by the Finnish business magazine Kauppalehti found communication to be the fourth most profitable business field for entrepreneurs in Finland in 2017.