Management and Leadership

Management and leadership is important for the development and success of societies, organisations and individuals. Diverse leadership is in constant demand.

Management and leadership examines the activity of organisations from the viewpoint of managing matters and people. It combines design, decision-making and directing the activity of individuals to achieve goals.

Digitalisation and new ways of working and organising work affect the most important asset of all organisations: human resources. Management and Leadership at JSBE focuses on human resource management. Phenomena of human resource management are focal in both research and teaching.


Our research focuses on the social, economic and ethical questions of management and leadership. We study diversity in management, its ethical challenges and responsibilities, leadership and human resource management, and storytelling in management and strategy work. Research is organised into the following research groups:


Through phenomena originated in working life you will learn good leadership of people and business and developing an organisation, which form the foundation of a successful organisation. Our graduates find employment from different fields of both private and public sector, working diversely in human resource, expert, and management tasks.