Versatile marketing experts

Future professionals of digital and consumer marketing.

Marketing and its importance to organisations have changed dramatically, especially because of technological advances that have changed customer behaviour and the processes of marketing. Today, marketing is seen as a profitable customer relationship management that plays a key role in the organisational strategy. A professional of marketing operates between the organisation and its customers, aiming to understand thoroughly the customers, their behaviour and needs. This enables the development of new products and services, the organisation’s growth and success.

Marketing at JSBE focuses on consumer marketing, organisational marketing and services marketing. We pay particular attention to understanding the effects of digitalisation on customer behaviour, such as online shopping and social media, and organisational sales and marketing strategies.


The key research areas of Marketing are digital marketing, consumer marketing, responsible marketing and marketing ethics. The research is empirical in nature. Marketing research is carried out in three complementary and interdisciplinary research groups:


Marketing studies provide students with the skills for analytical planning and implementation of a customer-focused business strategy, the identification of customer behavior and values, and the development and application of competitive marketing practices based on this. Teaching focuses on digital marketing, customer and consumer behaviour, and marketing management.