Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Strategic management in an international environment.

Why and how do organisations succeed? How do novel ideas, innovations, and opportunities convert into entrepreneurial ventures and competitive advantage? In Strategy and Entrepreneurship, we examine these key questions from the perspectives of individuals and organisations.  We aim at understanding the decision-making and actions of organisations in political, technological, and institutional landscapes. We create and disseminate knowledge that has a strategic impact on people who create, shape, and study organisations with sustainable future in mind. 


Our orientation to research is interdisciplinary. We carry out research in the intersections of fields of strategic management, entrepreneurship, organisation theory, innovations, international business, and economic history. This orientation nurtures the unique mix of ideas and research programmes which our researchers have developed during the last decade. As a result, we have an established track record of publishing in high-quality outlets. 


The Master’s Degree Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship (IBE) is a two-year (120 ECTS) full-time programme. The programme builds on our areas of research expertise by combining theory and practice on the essential contents of international business, entrepreneurship, and strategy. As our student, you will gain analytical skills and an entrepreneurially oriented strategic mindset to understand and handle complex and dynamic problems when renewing an organisation or founding a new one.

Basic studies in entrepreneurship (20 ECTS) is a study module open for all university students. You will learn about entrepreneurial activities together with figuring out in practice how to productize your knowledge.