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The discipline of leadership and management engages with phenomena related to human resources in organizations and to business activities. In order to achieve the business goals and objectives of an organization, the perspectives of both 'leadership' and 'management' must be considered. Leadership and management studies are cross-disciplinary in nature, combining aspects of psychology, sociology, business studies, and ethics among others. Traditionally, the main perspective in leadership and management studies has been the so-called leadership perspective. Today, however, this perspective has broadened to also include the perspectives of stakeholders. As an academic discipline, leadership studies is a descriptive science, the aims of which are to explain and understand leadership activity in both social and economic contexts.

The University of Jyväskylä School of Business and Economics focuses on so-called “good leadership”, which refers to an understanding of leadership and management based on a balance between social, economic, and ethical factors. Leadership and management studies topics include e.g. corporate social responsibility, ethics, women and leadership, and different themes in the leadership and strategy. The area of personnel management, or human resource management, is one of the focal areas in our courses and research. In addition, the study of business strategies is well represented in our discipline.

Study programmes


The Bachelor's and Master's programmes in management and leadershipare offered in Finnish.

Management and Leadership includes a wide range of topics: human resources management, business ethics, learning organization, quality and strategic thinking, and corporate environmental management. In Management and Leadership, we try to develop good business and managerial practices that take into consideration social, ecological, economic, and ethical values and meet the challenges of 'good leadership' and 'sustainable development'.

Our goal is to educate future business leaders capable of making responsible decisions in the modern turbulent business environment. Possible careers for our graduates include e.g. business development, consultancy, general management, and personnel management.

The main research topics cover:

    • Culture and Diversity in Organizations and Management
    • Responsible Leadership and Management

Sustainable Leadership in Globalized World -Research Groups


      Our discipline publishes the Electronic Journal of Business and Organizational Studies, EJBO.



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