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Marketing is a crucial part of business. Marketing aims at creating mutually valuable customer relationships, and enthusiastically seeks better ways of satisfying current and emerging customer needs. In Marketing it is essential to be where the action is, to be at the cutting edge. This means constantly developing new ideas by creating connections between the past, present, and future.

Since the customer is at the centre of everything, the challenge of marketing is to satisfy the customer in every possible way at the same time as ensuring profitability and efficiency.

Study programmes


Bachelor's and Master's programmes in marketing are offered in Finnish.

The Master's Programme in Marketing provides students with the essential skills and perspectives to successfully operate in the international and regional business environment. At the University of Jyväskylä, the major fields of specialization are marketing using electronic channels, strategies and marketing in the financial services sector, supply chain management, and innovation in marketing.

Marketing students participate in a worldwide business simulation, and are provided with special courses dealing with topical issues. The issues of customer relationship management, competition and co-operation, and business-to-business communication are widely included in the degree. Students of Marketing are invariably successful in finding good positions in the private sector.

Our main research fields cover:

    • Internet and mobile business and marketing
    • Management of supply formations
    • Consumer behaviour
    • Retailing

Research Groups:




    JSBE research seminar

    Seminar for everyone interested in high quality research in economics and business economics (program).