JSBE has three focus areas in its research

Responsible Business: Responsible Business is a connecting theme in research and education at JSBE. Visible signs of this are, for example, Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies  published by JSBE, and the internationally acknowledged Master’s Degree Programme in Corporate Environmental Management

Digital Business and Economy: Digitalization is transforming our society, revolutionizing business and economics in particular. JSBE combines multiple approaches to study what digitalization means for customers, businesses and societies at large.

Policy-Relevant Economics: In empirical policy-relevant research, JSBE's focus is on i) human capital, labour markets and regional economic development and ii) macro-finance.

Research at JSBE is conducted in research groups. You can find all scientific publications by JSBE researchers here. Information on our research infrastructure is also available.

In addition to research groups’ seminars, JSBE has two seminar series: JSBE Research Seminar and JSBE Breakfast Seminar.

Every year 10-15 doctorates graduate from the JSBE Doctoral School. You can find completed doctoral dissertations here