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Paper Submission for Accounting Tutorial in 4.-5.1.2018

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Deadline for the paper submission is 30th November, 2017.

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Presentetion Classifications

AU = Auditing
Submissions in the area of auditing and assurance.

ED = Accounting Education
Submissions dealing with any educational aspects of accounting, for example related to professional accountants, students, and pupils, but also institutions of education.

FA = Financial Analysis
Submissions in the area of financial accounting which focus on the users; it uses a set of methods to extract information from financial statements and other sources information and relate it to value of equity and debt investment and to interests of other stakeholders.

FR = Financial Reporting
Submission in the area of financial accounting which focus on the preparers; it analyses the choices and methods concerning the preparation of financial statements, taking into account firm characteristics, accounting standards, as well as institutions.

GV = Accounting and Governance
Submissions which relate to the interface between corporate governance and accounting.

HI = History
Submissions which adopt an historical perspective, and investigate historical issues of accounting thought and practices.

IC = Interdisciplinary/Critical
Submissions that draw on more than one discipline, ideally exploring their interrelations, or that draw on any of the various strands of critical theory.

IS = Accounting and Information Systems
Submissions in the area of the interface between accounting, information technology and systems.

MA = Management Accounting
Submissions in the area of management accounting and control systems.

PSNP = Public Sector Accounting & Not-For-Profit Accounting
Submissions on accounting in the public and voluntary sectors.

SEE = Social and Environmental Accounting & Ethical Issues in Accounting
Submissions dealing with all aspects of social and environmental accounting.

TX = Taxation
Submissions on the subject of taxation



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