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Breakfast Seminar

The breakfast seminar is an interdisciplinary internal forum for academic exchange inside the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE). JSBE invites participants from all its fields and areas to contribute to the continuing professional development of the faculty.

In the breakfast seminar, JSBE faculty members and its doctoral students present their research findings or discuss more generally about research activities. The breakfast seminar is organised bimonthly on Thursdays at 9:00-10:00 (room Ag D412.1).

Programme for autumn 2017

Thursdays, usually on uneven week numbers. 

  • 14.9.2017, Jussi Heikkilä, "All male patents?"
  • 28.9.2017, Antti Sieppi, "Matriculation exams and university student performance"
  • 26.10.2017, Jiadi Cong (Dongbei University of Finance and Economics), TBA
  • 9.11.2017, Stefan Baumeister, "Experiencing Finnair’s new A350 - How service innovation can lead to a premium price"
  • 23.11.2017, Valtteri Aaltonen, "The Masters of Responsible Management in Finland - A study on Responsible Management Education"

Language of the title determines the language of the presentation: e.g. if the title is in English, then the presentation is in English (if someone in the audience does not speak Finnish). The recommended length of the presentation is 30 minutes, leaving room for discussion.

For more details, e.g. to reserve above slots, please contact:

  • Jussi Heikkilä, doctoral-studies-jsbe (ät) jyu.fi

Note that Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics also has JSBE research seminar for external speakers.

Earlier programme

Spring 2017

  • 2.2.2017, Jussi Heikkilä, "The role of utility models in patent filing strategies: Evidence from European countries" (with Michael Verba)
  • 16.2.2017, Jussi Heikkilä, "Do two-tiered patent systems induce sorting? Evidence from European countries" (with Michael Verba)
  • 2.3.2017, Kristian Koerselman, "Financial incentives for graduation when students turn down free money”
  • 6.4.2017, Samu Kärkkäinen, "How independent is Sweden's monetary policy"
  • 20.4.2017, Antti Sieppi, "Entrepreneurship and diversity of university degrees"
  • 18.5.2017, Juho Jokinen, "Worker output and seniority in performance evaluations and promotions"

Autumn 2016

  • 27.10.2016, Ville Seppälä, "Marriage market: the effect of 'potential spouse' -density on spousal match distance", Ag D412.1
  • 10.11.2016, Aijaz Shaikh, "Drivers and outcomes of consumer engagement: Insights from mobile money services and technology usage in Ghana", Ag D412.1
  • 24.11.2016, Samu Kärkkäinen, "The Role of Stock and Currency Market Information in the Taylor Rule: Evidence from OECD Countries" (with Juha Junttila, Kari Heimonen)", Ag D412.1

Spring 2016

  • 7.1.2016, Reija Häkkinen, "Emerging theories of entrepreneurial behavior"
  • 21.1.2016, Susanne Syrén, "Effects of class size on classroom environment"
  • 18.2.2016, Jussi Heikkilä, "Need for speed? Exploring the relative importance of patents and utility models among German firms" (with Annika Lorenz)
  • 3.3.2016, Matthias Strifler, "Internal Wage References, Rent Sharing and Wage Rigidity: Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data"
  • 28.4.2016, Stefan Baumeister, “Exploring the effect of an eco-label on the booking decision of air travelers”
  • 12.5.2016, Satu Koskinen, "Tips for studying senior executives & an example of research co-operation with practitioners".

Autumn 2015

  • 10.9.2015, Experience sharing from Academy of Management Conference and tips for participation
  • 24.9.2015, Qualitative Clinic: Atlas.ti and other qualitative data analysis programs
  • 8.10.2015, Dr. Mika Haapanen, "Skills at Work: Labor-Market Returns to Higher Vocational Schooling" (with Petri Böckerman, Christopher Jepsen)
  • 22.10.2015, doctoral student Aijaz Shaikh, “Continuous usage of mobile banking services – Case study of Finland”
  • 5.11.2015, doctoral student Irina Shatilova, "Aristotelian virtue theory in business ethics organizational virtues"
  • 19.11.2015, doctoral student Jussi Heikkilä, "Uncertain design rights and design spillovers in sauna heater markets: a case study" (with Mirva Peltoniemi)
  • 3.12.2015, doctoral student Stefan Baumeister, "Does it really matter which flight to take? Carbon emissions of selected flights in three geographical markets"

Spring 2015

  • 15.1.2015, doctoral student Taneli Vaskelainen (Corporate environmental management, CEM), "An explorative study into car sharing industry partnerships"
  • 29.1.2015, doctoral student Merie Joseph Kannampuzha (Strategy and entrepreneurship),"Development of a Scale to Measure the Components of the Social Enterprise Construct"
  • 26.2.2015, visiting doctoral student Lin Zhitao (Economics/Finance, City University of Hong Kong), "China's Bilateral Local Currency Swap Arrangements"
  • 19.3.2015, doctoral student Tanja Herranen (Marketing), "Is the print really dead? Digitalization and evolving media practices in everyday life"
  • 9.4.2015, doctoral student Aijaz Shaikh (Marketing), “Understanding continuous usage intentions toward mobile banking services in Finland (using SmartPLS 3.0)”
  • 23.4.2015, doctoral student Anu Ojala (Strategy and entrepreneurship), "Activity trade-off and strategic choice in the context of publicly funded business schools"
  • 7.5.2015, doctoral student Elina Riivari (JSBE, management and leadership) and Anna Heikkinen (University of Tampere), "Tensions of Ethical Organizational Culture"
  • 21.5.2015, visiting professor Guido Heineck (University of Bamberg), "How the economy and the stock market affect subjective expectations of the future"

Autumn 2014

  • 28.8.2014, Dr. Jutta Viinikainen, "Personality characteristics and occupational choices: A job task view"
  • 25.9.2014, Dr. Marjo Siltaoja, "Winners wanted: identity regulation and resistance during longitudinal strategic change"
  • 23.10.2014, Dr. Kristian Koerselman, "(Why) do comprehensive schools hurt boys?"
  • 6.11.2014, Exchange doctoral student Aikaterini Kampouri (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), "Would you like to dance? Family business and partner selection in the international arena"
  • 20.11.2014, Doctoral student Ville Seppälä, "Household labor supply: Spousal retirement effects based on IV RDD approach" (research plan)
  • 4.12.2014, Dr. Mika Haapanen, "Back to school? Labor-market returns to vocational postsecondary education"

Spring 2014

  • 30.1.2014, Doctoral student Aijaz Shaikh, "Plastronic Banking (or p-Banking) - The emergence of new marketing and banking terminology and practices"
  • 13.2.2014, Doctoral student Anita Saarelainen, "Perheyrityksen kolmiodraama ja yrittäjäkuva televisiodraaman kertomana" (in Finnish)
  • 27.2.2014, Dr. Mari Suoranta, "Entrepreneurial marketing in small technology firm"
  • 13.3.2014, Doctoral student Shabnamjit Hundal, "Multiple Corporate Board Directorships and Firm Performance in India"
  • 3.4.2014, Dr. Mika Skippari and doctoral student Jussi Nyrhinen, "Exploring the drivers of local merchant loyalty"
  • 24.4.2014, Doctoral student Merie Kannampuzha, "Social Enterprise Growth process in Nordic countries: An analysis of social enterprises in Denmark and Finland", joint paper with Professor Kai Hockerts (Copenhagen Business School)
  • 8.5.2014, Dr. Marjo Siltaoja & Dr. Mika Haapanen, "Institutional pressures and corporate responsibility"
  • 22.5.2014, Dr. Mirva Peltoniemi, "Firm capabilities and the critical success of video games: How the scope and depth of experience determine the wisdom of conformity", joint paper with Henri Schildt.




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