Courses and events

JSBE Doctoral School

  • Forecasting in Macroeconomics and Finance
    Tuesday April 23 to Friday April 26, 2019. Read more and sign up here.

  • TTKJ161 Introduction to doctoral studies, 4 ECTS
    Content: Target group is the new doctoral students at the University of Jyväskylä School of Business and Economics. This course gives a practical introduction to doctoral studies. The content includes: introduction of faculty members & staff, structure of the studies, doctoral courses available, collaboration, funding channels, publications, meetings and conferences, university library, and strengthening of the personal study plan and career. Course also provides general information on careers of PhDs. Course is lectured in English. It also includes exercises (incl. participation in public defense of doctoral dissertation).
    Timetable: In JSBE from 4.10.2018 onwards, see also Graduate School information session in 3.9.2018.
    Lecturer(s): Mika Haapanen, Juha Munnukka, Jutta Viinikainen

    More information and registration for the course (Korppi): https://korppi.jyu.fi/kotka/r.jsp?course=234313

  • Workshop on "Contributing to theory progress in management research"
    Content: Theoretical conversations in manament: What they are, how they are structured, how
    they develop over time, and how contributions are positioned within them. We approach these topics
    from the point of view of the social organization of knowledge and the collective, evaluative aspects of
    research. In examining how contributions are made and evaluated, we also examine how our theories
    progress through collective efforts where authors build upon one another’s work.
     17.-21.9.2018, JSBE
    Lecturer: Mikko Ketokivi, IE Business School, Madrid
    Deadline for registration: 22.8.2018 (email: mika.p.haapanen@jyu.fi; only limited spaces available)


  • TTKJ180 Current topics in business and economics, 4 ECTS
    Completing the course will require attendance to at least five JSBE research seminars and to write a learning diary. The seminars that a student attends do not have to take place during a same academic year. For more details on the course, please see a detailed description.

Some past courses

  • TTKJ163 Academic writing and publishing, 4 ECTS, 22.3.2018 - 7.5.2018
    Content: Features and structure of scientific article, argumentation, formalities, handling references and citations, conclusions and discussion. Writing and publishing journal articles. Peer review process. Monography vs. article-based dissertation. Course is completed by attending lectures and doing exercises. In exercises students analyse international journal articles and work with their own manuscripts.
    Language: Course lectured in English. 
    Timetable: 22.3. - 7.5.2018.
    Lecturer(s): Mika Haapanen.
    More information and registration for the course (Korppi): https://korppi.jyu.fi/kotka/r.jsp?course=225613

 Other courses and events